A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

for...you, sweets.

I look like a white japanese girl. Really. Well. my face isn't broad or flat enough... but my eyes.
OOoooh nelly my eyes.
and I knew that last night.. but WOW.
They're getting better every minute now. I can open them a lil more ... and then a lil more....
I'm wearing the 'skinny jeans' .. you know the ones I mean.. the ones that are faded out with that lil hole in in the right inner thigh. I'm wearing those and a red long sleeved t shirt that you would like.
It does nice things with my curves.
I just heard the coffee pot finish. SO I'll get coffee in just a sec.
I need to call you, don't I? shit... I almost forgot. I really need to call you. I'll wait for 20 minutes. I'll call you at 9:30 so you have the chance to get up and have a shower before you've gotta get on out.

But won't you miss the stellar, friendly service and the phones, hun?
Won't you miss that?


ohhhhh yeah.

my eyes are even better now (no background, no color on the desktop makes a handy mirror)
My computer FINALLY does something worth having it do.
Then home again.
I've got *such* an exciting and jet set life...

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