A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Why do I know so many aggressively self centered people? Tim came over, came in, walked up to my room without being invited, sat down, had one of my cigarettes without asking, turned on the tv, flipped channels for about 15 minutes before looking up at me ... staring at him. "Oh, were you busy?" and before waiting for an answer, went back to flipping channels. Books laid out of the floor, floor pillow, several pens, dictionary, thesaurus, papers all over....
Nope. Just sitting around wondering why you .. GLORIOUS Tim weren't stopping by to make my night better.
He wanted to talk ... about how to keep these three girls he's seeing up in the air awhile longer. He's started sleeping with them now. And he likes the bed hopping. But they all want to hang at the same time and he's running out of cover stories. Then he used my bathroom to take a big stinky shit, came back, smoked 4 more cigarettes while he babbled about this ones tits and that ones excellent oral skills and how the third is actually really inexperienced and really nervous in bed, but that she's loosening up,"but only in the good way.HEHEHEHE"

I asked when the last time he talked to his mom was.
I asked if they had decided on a headstone for his sister yet.
I asked how his brother was doing.
He hung for about another half an hour and then he left.

Apparently, what I'm here for is moral support and to help him through things... but not when he wants to avoid it. He wants to avoid it all the time. He's fucking these lil cum bunnies because it lets him forget. And he's going to repress it all and end up a complete mess for a much much longer time than need be. I'm waiting for him to pop up with needle tracks or a permanently runny nose or just that crazed tweaker look.
I'm waiting for him to find a better escape than the strange and confusing world of human interaction.
I wish he'd just talk to me.
And I wish he'd stop taking this for granted.
When I get out of there.... Tim isn't going to be counted amoung my friends.
And I'm okay with that.
Because it's not as if he really went out of his way before to count me amoung his.

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