A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

all my muscles are creaking. Old old old. :::nods:::

my shirt smells like an untouched dresser drawer. And that's where it's been. dresser drawer. I forogot I'd had this shirt.

My shoulders and neck and head... are just screaming for some nice, warm, strong hands. Sounds like I want to be strangled.
heh. Maybe.

I am a lonely girl.
But that's good on some days.

Like this morning. Walking up and down up and down the steps because I was looking for things and kept forgetting others and I was getting very frustrated. And somehow, the cat following after me made it worse. Because now it wasn't just me, but this easily confused, old cat.

My father talks in southernisms.
"I shore am glad you come en teday"

"jes put another coata tar un tha ruff. Tighterana duck's ass, nah!"

he slips in and out of it. Doesn't usually do it when talking to me. He has to make me stop, define words... just "testing me" since I insist on 'using unecessary' big words. So he tries his damndest to banish his accent. As if it matters.

I've heard lots... but my favorite was one that slid out of his mouth so naturally and unselfconsiously... he didn't realize he said anything funny until i started laughing.
"AHM Sweatin like ah dawg shittin a peach seed!"
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