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Morning paper



Norfolk-Three decades of busing middle-school students across town to racially integrate schools ends in September.
A divided School Board voted 5-2 Wednesday to adopt a controversial plan making attendance zones more contiguous and assigning most students to nearby schools. Up to a third of the city's sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders-about 2,670 students-could be affected.
The vote ends on chapter in the city's efforts to accommodate concerns about race, class and educational equity. It also starts a new one, with disappointed black community leaders voicing fears of resegregation and calling for economic and school boycotts.



Newport News-Two years ago, with a heavy helping hand from the department of Defense, Newport News Shipbuilding successfully fended off a takeover bid from General Dynamics.
Wednesday, Newport News Shipbuilding embraced a new offer from General Dynamics. The shipyard, Hampton Roads' largest employer with 17,200 workers, now expects the Department of Defense to support the merger.
Falls Church-based General Dynamics' latest bid, valued at $2.6 billion, includes an offer of $67.50 a share for the shipyard- $29 a share more than the company offered in April 1999.
General Dynamics' earlier takeover attempt was sunk by concerns about national security, the loss of local jobs and the value for shareholders. This time around, officials from General Dynamics and Newport News Shipbuilding insist the issues are non-issues.



Nearly half the teachers who received new licenses in Virginia last year have yet to pass a national exam or complete course work traditionally required for full teaching credentials.
Forty-eight percent - or 4, 494-of the 9,304 licenses issued from July 1999 to June 2000 were alternative licenses, also known as "provisional" or "conditional" licenses, state statistics show. They allow teachers to work for up to three years before they must complete the requirements for a full license.
Amoung the local work force, the percentage of temporarily licensed teachers ranges from 5 percent in Chesapeake to 10 percent in Suffolk. And the numbers are expected to rise as school systems scramble to address the lingering teaching shortage.

Strangeness, Pigfuckery, and all out Disintegration.

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