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I'm isolated, bored, and at this point the herbal speed has all worn off so I don't think I could have an animated conversation (like I've been craving all day) if I were actually ALLOWED to.
Which, of course, I'm not.
The second line isn't going to help. It's just that place. it's just that ass that circumstance has forced him back to and I have NO RIGHT to complain about it. And I'm not really. I'm just being selfish today. I really wanted to talk. I had so much to brainstorm and babble about. I had so much to convey and so much I wanted to argue. I wanted to spend an hour calling each other names.
Haven't done that in a long time.
I miss him. And I talk to him every day. And it's worse this last week because I can talk to him... in bursts. Short bursts while I'm awake and lucid. But I can talk to him for longer periods of time well after I'm already very tired. Last night was a *great* conversation.. but I didn't sleep until 7 this morning.
I think it's a combination of the isolation and the dissapointment of the people who are supposed to be my friends, the jagged edges left on me after a migraine, and just the fatigue of feeling like I'm waiting as a profession... but I'm very sad all of a sudden.

It's all random.
"it's all happening"?

"They never feel
They don't even seem real.
They never try, so why should I?
Something is wrong.
Something invisible is gone.
They never mind, so why should I? "

Built to Spill. This album is so melancholy. I wonder if all their albums are melancholy...

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