A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Why do I know and know of so many alcoholics?
Why don't more of them REALIZE that they're alcoholics?
It's not a disease, baby, it's a compulsion. You want an addiction, there's a buffet of delights to choose from .. I don't understand why *anyone* picks alcohol.
Personally, it makes me maudlin. Especially when I think I'll just fix my shitty mood with booze. Never works. And I've finally learned. Alcohol only destresses you and makes you feel good when you've had a life that probably doesn't stress you out *too* much.
Otherwise, for the rest of us (the NORMAL ones with FUCKED UP lives and massive amounts of baggage and issues) it just drags you further down.
Depressants? Depressants bring you down? Say it aint so!

Oh but it's true.

For me... drinking is what I do when I WANT to feel like shit and think too much and end up just curled up in a ball pretending I can't see the monsters.
Not that I don't have my drug abusing predilictions... but I can't understand the attraction to something like alcohol. E, I love (except for the crash. The crash can be nasty), Weed? EXCELLENT. Schedule 1 narcotics are pretty damned cool. Ultram and flexeri, vicodin, codeine, percoset, percodan...
My babies though... my love...
Always the speedies. The mellow speedies. I'm not a meth freak. Just look at a picture in which I'm smiling and you'll be able to tell that I'm not a tweaker. No rotting teeth, no horribly acned skin. But I really love the uppers.
A bowl with a lil crushed adderol.
Oooooh yeah .

But alcohol just depresses me and makes me puke.

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