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Okay... whiplash was asking me why the hell this guy billiam was able to get all these chicks to send him naked pictures.

Because he's not real. He's a parody. He's a wanna be Stile.
That's why he's getting Stile-like photos.

hehe ... Exhibit one

Exhibit two

Exhibit three:

hardcorebilliam: why is anal sex betta than regular sex?
UltraGirl 27: ew why?
hardcorebilliam: cuz it's warma, tighta and more degrading ta women!!!
hardcorebilliam: LOL!
UltraGirl 27: i didnt think that was funny at all... this is why i dont like you very much... i cant even belive you really think like that
hardcorebilliam: like wot?
hardcorebilliam: that was a JOKE!!!
hardcorebilliam: not for real
hardcorebilliam: I don't think it's degrading ta woman at all! They LOVE dat shit!
UltraGirl 27: uuugh. its just sad that you would actually even think to tell that joke... where i live everyone is so nice to each other...
hardcorebilliam: are u mad at billiam?
UltraGirl 27: im not mad... i dont get mad at anyone. i just think that the way you think is really... stupid
hardcorebilliam: hey now
hardcorebilliam: i neva call YOUnames!
UltraGirl 27: i just cant believe you are really like that... and think like that... im sorry, i dont mean to be mean, im just trying to be honest with you
hardcorebilliam: I love you
hardcorebilliam: i mean
hardcorebilliam: uh
hardcorebilliam: hi
UltraGirl 27: give me a break

Exhibit four


Dec. 18th, 2001 04:02 pm (UTC)
This guy's past trying to imitate Stile. He's downright copied him here.

Then there's this:

"for the record... this jernal iz a JOKE. It aint meant ta be taken seriously. i know da pichaz are of Josh Souza from Big Brother... EVERYONE knows dat. You aint speshal cuz u figured it out. Get over it. I aint claimin ta be Josh, an I dont claim dat Josh does da shit I do. Pretty much evrything u read in here iz bullshit, an it don't go nuffin ta do with Josh Souza. So, eitha laff an enjoy, or move on.

If you happen ta BE Josh Souza (or his lawyers) an dis shit offendz u, lemme know, an we'll talk it out."

That was what I was looking for.
Dec. 18th, 2001 05:07 pm (UTC)
Didn't even look hard enough for that.

His profile is the BEST THING.


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