A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Too much Coffee and Herbal Speed

ZeeVert: From ThisJunky's profile::: Something happened to me that brought me to a new stage of life. Given a closeness with the human race as a whole, when a child is abused, a woman is raped, a gay man is beaten, I feel it.
Every person who is violently assalted by another person is me.
I am them.

ZeeVert: "I feel your pain"
ZeeVert: thanks, mizz clinton
ZeeVert: OH, I'm not disagreeing with ya man.
ZeeVert: I feel ya ::nod::
Dave Justdave72: heh, see you are a ball buster
ZeeVert: and I want some cancer in my lungs.... hehe.. I just hate that touchy feely, "OH I FEEL THE PAIN OF THE WORLD!" Bullshit. She feels the need to say that she hates racism. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO LIKE IT ARE RACISTS. AND most of them are too chicken shit to admit it.
ZeeVert: people like that annoy me... they think that by being as touchyfeely as they can be, they're somehow doing something noble, taking on the pain of the world...
ZeeVert: these are the people who sit around in designer clothes in the local starbucks slurping down $6.00 triple CRAP pseudo coffees, using up paper napkins, and burbling on about the pain of the world and their contientious objections to all the things they don't have the wherewithall to help change
ZeeVert: I wouldn't mind them so much if they didn't just sit around in their comfy lil lives and TALK about all the shit that's bad
Dave Justdave72: I getting an erection HOlly stop!
Dave Justdave72: nice rant btw
ZeeVert: have a rally, make some festive signs, sighn some pieces of fucking paper that WILL DO NOTHING because you're just INEFFECTUAL LITTLE YUPPIES who feel GUILTY for what you have
ZeeVert: ::nods::
ZeeVert: thanks
ZeeVert: I'll be right back
Dave Justdave72: ok
ZeeVert: oh fuck.. there it is.. lives in Boston...upper middle class self loathing privelaged shit head.

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