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my coffee smells a little like really fresh, well cured, aromatic pipe tobacco.
I like it, but it's still a lil disconcerting.
I called chad for a wake up call but ambien + 4 hours of sleep = needing more sleep.
So I'll call him again in just a lil bit.
My mom is upset with herself because she isn't feeling very christmassy so she's storming around the house, pissed at herself, taking it out on inanimate objects, throwing things around.
She's been informed that if she keeps this up for more than a day or two I will wrap her in duct tape and prop her in the corner and she'll just stay there until it's time to clean up Christmas day.
I mean it too, dammit.
The tree still needs to go up and we're just gonna HAVE to clean up down here. My mom has ocd, I swear. She's a keeper. She keeps everything. EVERYTHING. It's getting really really bad. I think maybe I'll draft my sister and we'll just... fucking strip the house, come up with storage, splurge a lil and just gaddamn fix it. It's getting to the point where I'm utterly frustrated everytime I just walk through the house and see all the CRAP that's here.

Anyway. Back to being the merry frickin lil elf I am.

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