A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Big Love for the Ebay.
Hires Rootbeer extract... My mom's had that bottle since her grandfather was in the habit of making homemade rootbeer.
it won't be here for christmas... but oh well

The thing that gets me... my father broke them. There was the Hires bottle and a small ruby colored pressed glass bottle from .. who the hell knows where. She doesn't remember where she got it, but it was certainly her favorite of the small collection of antique bottles that she had on the shelf above the sink. He decided to move them for something and broke those two. He cleaned them up, left them in a bag, and left the house to do all his last minute shopping today and never said anything. When he came home, me and my mom were looking in the bag at the shards and he just sort of... shrugged and said that yeah, he broke them this morning.
I don't understand that. If I break one of her brand new, cheap, means nothing to her glasses, I feel guilty for days. He breaks her two favorite antique bottles and doesn't even so much as apologize for it.
Just more of his usual crap.

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