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My mother spent 8 months tracking down all of the "Where the Wild Things Are" figures from McFarlane toys.
They're a secret passion of mine... Where the Wild Things Are... and McFarlane creations. I don't talk about them much... but mom my knows.
There are a couple pictures that I'll have to post when I get around to it.
One of the plunger (time to explain that one. As a gag gift one year I wrapped a plunger in the GAUDIEST way that I could imagine and gave it to my brother. The next year, I got it back, in new utterly hideous wrapping... this has been going on for at least 6 years now. This year it was to go back to him again.).
I'm feeling pretty BLEH, despite the cracked out 'theme gift' from my brother that I had to open in order (a hamster (that sings "kung fu fighting" and twirls numb chucks), a book about oragami, a kitchen timer in the shape of a lemon, a box of laxative, and a can of yams... Lemme make that easier for you... HamsterOragamiLemonLaxativeYams), despite the gummy rat, despite the knock off g-i joe and the inflatable tent to go with him, despite the special edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the books or the invader zim t shirt, the earrings... all the stuff I got.
I feel guilty about it all because I didn't get too much for everyone else. I feel like I didn't deserve this stuff.
I never do.
But I got to talk to Chad.
That was good.
I've been feeling very loved.
It's all coming from him.
And my mom... can't forget my mom.
She's so wonderful.
She got all the 'couples' these little ceramic snowman package ties with their names on them... one for Carol, one for Stephen, one for Wendy, one for Bill and I think she got one each for Stephanie and Chris... dunno.. didn't see those when I was wrapping everything yesterday (she usually breaks herself trying to wrap everyone's presents. She's not as young as she used to be and she LOVES giving people gifts... so she overshops always).
I saw last night that on one of my packages there were lil ceramic snowmen.
One said Holly... the other said Chad.
It made me cry. it's making me cry right now... but in a *very* good way.
I guess that, even though I never say so... it's pretty clear that I'm in love. And it's pretty clear that she's okay with that. Which is so wonderful.
I'm loved.
that's hard to wrap my brain around.

But I'm not complaining.

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