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My ex

The one who called obsessively.
He told me about the fire breathing ones.
Just like him to have a fucked up look on his face.

At least he's cut his hair...

Last row, second picture, goofy lookin guy

Fifth row and then on down... he's the one with the flames.. ya know.. the firebreather...

Third row, first pic. I think that built guy in the uniform is digging him. He *did* enjoy anal sex a bit too much .....

Except for the Carnie thing I think that this is the first thing he's ever pipe dreamed and actually ACCOMPLISHED.
I don't hate him anymore.
I don't hold him in contempt, he doesn't scare me.

This would have been the father of my baby.
Had I had it.

See? I would have held him back from *this*... that would have been such a sin....
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