A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

One of my favorite shirts is baggier than it was a few months ago... christ... was that a few months ago?
It was... fuck.. it really was...

No wonder I'm this lonely. When I let myself think about it... which isn't often. I won't be any good to anyone if I really let myself stew in it. I'll just cry on the phone with the I Love Yous and I'll just find evocative song lyrics to post over and over.

Very soon.
And even if it's not... it's still soon enough.
I'm stretchable. Flexible.
I'm so adaptive that it's hard to remember what the base me is. Too many attachments.

Is it possible to be *too* versatile?
I think I'm in danger of losing me under the special features.

Walking around gasworks. That was me. in the cold with wind tears falling from the squinting corners... smiling. smiling in the dark at the sillhouettes.
Thanks for that again, sweets.

Think I'll smoke another of these nasty menthols... they keep me from smoking my own.
And then I'll play some silly games.
Maybe the FPS... but probably winbrick again.
Someone give me $22 for the full version?

that's as close as I get to begging.
Asking is begging.

I miss the me who stood staring at that rusted pipe
and the you who waited just behind.
Think if we run we can find them ?
Try under the bridges.. and I'll look near the water.
they wouldn't run from us... would they?

I love you.

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