A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I was talking to my mom about Chad's father's girlfriend and the money he wasted on her.
I've gotten into the habit of just talking about whatever I want to talk about, regardless of my father's presence. So of course, he butted in.. had to ask questions... I told him some of what I knew... just the bullshit insanity.
I mentioned the passive agressive wife who hid silverware to start fights... the shooting the lawnmower, the constant 911 calls, the beatings, controlling anger... the post traumatic stress syndrome... and that got the expected snort and sarcastic "what, was he a yoeman?" "no, he had 2 tours in the air cav."
And that at least shut him up about his superiority.
But hearing about the controlling.. the just so nature... the sudden, pointless angry raging beatings...
As expected, he got defensive.
And then he looked at me and said "well, looking at some of these people you know, your upbringing was pretty damned good."
I was almost jaw droppingly stunned.
Those words actually came out of his mouth.
He'd actually had the balls to look me in the eye and say that to me.
he then went on to suggest that anyone hanging around the situation was just dumb.
And that there were always alternatives...
"get a job, get out..."
"well, that's what Chad is trying to do."
"apparently not very well... it's not like 50 years ago when you either had a job or you were on the dole. Job training programs, homeless shelters"

I just sat in shocked silence.
I'm sure the look on my face said enough.
He's even less intelligent than I thought.
Somehow this had all agitated him. he hid in the garage to chainsmoke and read his william johnstone novel.

I was either describing him ... or his father... I can't tell which of those got to him more...

Either way, his reaction was textbook.
Just one more piece of bullshit to go into the files of why he's a walking lump of shit.

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