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The word of the day...

The word of the day has been "suck."
Chuck? he sucks.
Sean? Sean sucks it big, hard and long.
Armand? Armand it getting his suck mojo working.
Tim? Tim is sucking minimally, but steadily.
Manburger? Manburger is sucking too, but he's an invalid, so we'll forgive him for now.
Dan? actually Dan isn't sucking. Dan just keeps leaving me lopped off barbie doll parts on the front mat. No ransom note or anything though... but that might have something to do with him giving me the head first. And why would I pay a ransom for the safe return of the remaining parts? I could have kept the head alive like "The Head That Wouldn't Die." or had it transplanted onto another barbie, had he kept it in suspeded animation instead of leaving it to rot on my front mat. He played his ace with that one and he played it *way* too soon. "Kill the body and the head dies"
or something like that.
It's rather odd to have someone with an incredible brain like his be so twisted. It's usually only the pseduo-geniuses that are that willing to be odd.
Well, in my experience anyway. The ones who are incredible, but not quite brilliant.
But he's brilliant. He's almost scary.
But he's also very logical.
Given to whimsy, but too attached to the real.

I can just wax and wax and wax about people, huh?

Well, anyway... people, in general, suck.
But a lot of them, in specific are great.
Just not a lot of the ones I know.

my feet are cold, but I'm hating the socks.

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