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Organizing photos.
I realized I have too much porn here and there and hard to find and I'm getting paranoid about someone opening something up and being confronted with full frontal Holly.
The problem is... I need to name everything.
Names that make sense and that I'll be able to recognize.
I have too many photos for this.
I have too many tweaks and icons and things I've gathered for base pallets and layers and negatived slide pieces.
I'm discovering that, while I'm utterly creative in the name giving process, that I'm having issues with making those creative names something that will let me recognize what the hell the pic is without having to open it.
For some reason, I can remember that "fivebucks!" is the picture of my fuzzy purple slippers but "redtank01" makes me open it up to discover that it's the first in a series of pics I took while wearing a red tank top.

Maybe I'll give up and just number them.
Number them all.
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