A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Going through things I wasn't originally privy to, but now am again... makes me realize....

subbes was completely okay to feel the way she felt about my shitty little angry posts about what he had to write.
I was the one in the wrong... not for feeling I couldn't read it, and not for venting about what it was I could read, but for letting it turn into personal insults.


That I was right in my estimations of Kitters.
Because I don't kiss ass and because I'm vitriolic and blunt, this somehow means I'm scathing, angry and rude.
Which I *can* be... when pissed or threatened, annoyed, or protective feeling. Wether it's protective of myself or others.


Jon really is a pathetic lil dickhead.


this .. none of this.. realized now... gets to me all that much.

'cept I still want to smack kitters... but I've felt that way toward her since the first thing I read from her. Very smarmy. Very self help. The heart of compassion and understanding, I'm sure. Probably makes excellent home made cookies.
But I still want to smack her.
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