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I keep looking at all of my friends' friends. And I really really really dig some of these people. But I feel... strange. I feel like I can't just waltz up and add them and start talking to them because they aren't my people, they are the people on my friends lists' people. And it would be... what? rude? to just jump in and stake a claim too.
SO uh I just bookmark them and read them everytime they update and keep myself from commenting. And I feel really really guilty about this. What the FUCK is wrong with me? BUT I DO. I feel guilty about this. I feel like.. I didn't do the work to find them so, ya know, I shouldn't get to reap the benefits of reading them.
I'm being so insanely inarticulate at the moment.
I should go have some vodka.
SO yeah.. if you are ever going through your friends' friends lists, and happen to bump into this, please feel free to write me or scream or call me an idiot. I *love* feedback and just don't get enough.
And I'll continue admiring all of your words and just keeping it to myself :::shrug:::
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