A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just had some cheese fondue.

I really don't like cheese fondue.

the swiss cheese is just fine...

it's the addition of white wine that gets me....

once, when I was much more of a youngin, we were in Pennsylvannia staying at my grandmother's house, visiting for the holidays.
My mother's whole extended family lives up there and they always gathered in Bethlehem from Easton and Bath and the other side of town for the holiday season thing.
There were things that were constants every year we attended.
Things like my grandmother being patently insane.
My uncle being a whiney little mook.
My aunt hugging me way too much.

One year my grandmother's insanity came in the form of a substitution.
She ran out of white wine for the fondue.
So she used gingerale for the remainder.
on the basis of them both being about the same color and translucent.

no one told me this.
and I'd always hated fondue.
My aunt linda made me try it... I liked it...
she spent the rest of the night pulling me into the dining room and feeding it to me while everyone else laughed their asses off.
I was maybe 8 years old.

it was just better with the gingerale.

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