A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I'm 74% evil.
"Wow! you are almost pure evil! Sin is your way of life. If there is a hell you have packed your bags for the trip."

big fuckin shock, eh?

Gonna drink some more coffee.
Gonna watch some of these movies my sweets has asked me to watch...

think I'll start a running list of movies that he needs to see (in my estimation) and a running list of the ones I need to see (in his estimation) and try my damndest to see all the ones he wants me to see.

It's a thing.
Shared culture.. movies and music are one of the few things we have in that way.

My sweets and I had a conversation last night about things outside of normal perceptions, transitive states, ghosts, wishes, broadcasting, and things that we'd never really divulged before for fear of all of a sudden becoming 'that weirdo' to whomever these things were being divulged to.
I'm very happy that our feelings match up there as well.
I'm very happy that we both spilled that stuff and it was all a-okay and intriguing.
I'm very happy that he was there... again... still... to tuck me in.
I'm just very happy.
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