A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

angry. frustrated at everything. woke up with my head aching.
random little pains in my body.
Everything ... just..... makes me ....get a little angrier.

Trying to organize a folder.
it wouldn't allow me to drop things where I was trying to drop them.
Not my fault... explorer's.
This is Know.
close, reload, close, reload... massive annoyance building... still doesn't work...
I punch at the desk with the side of my hand like a gavel.
Hard twice.
Quick smacks.
the second time I actually hurt myself ... enough to flip my hand around , look at it and say "oooooowwwww" almost instantaneously.
the lil silverbar chain I were around my wrist... happened to be in the way when my hand came down and I now have a lil b-b shaped, bleeding hold in the far edge of the heel of my hand. Right on that spot that gets raw and red when I do too much mouse work without a break or wrist pad.
Hurts like a motherfucker and so does my head... coffee.
I need some coffee... get through my mail ... and concentrate on cookies.

cookies will save me.
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