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Changed the usericon to a detail of Chad's drawing. That's my ear. That's like... exactly my ear.
the ball at the top is just a tiny bit bigger... but other than that, it's almost photographic.
And if you saw the pic he did this study off of... you'd know why, when you first sent it to me, I thought he'd just used some photoshop filters like I am apt to do.

I've got the butter and cream cheese softening in preparation for making kiffles.
It takes a POUND of butter.
A whole Pound.
And a POUND of cream cheese.

They're good lil cookies (that get filled with apricot processed fruit filling and then positively *coated* in powdered sugar) but they're cholesterol bombs.
Hear that Chad? Hear that Ken?
Hope you're prepared.

Going back through posts I've noticed my typing flubs have interesting double entendres. Like just above.. I originally typed that as "home you're prepared."

Hope I have enough cookies to send to the peoples on my list and send some kiffles home with Wendy too.
She still hasn't smoked the nug I gave her over a month ago.
Which annoys me a lil because it was really really good seattle weed sent by my sweety and it would have been nice to have had it to smoke myself.
She showed it to her husband who compared it to some of the homegrown he bought off a friend. So I know they've got paraphenalia in the house... she just doesn't want to smoke it while he's there for some reason.
She said something about maybe smoking the next time she's home alone....
which would be fine except... that just never happens.

I still wonder where Tim is.. but not enough to actually seek him out.
Despite everything, I still worry about him a little.
But when someone makes free to tell you that you're worthless and a burden when you've done nothing bend over backward for them, something has to give.
I wasn't exactly nice... but before that... I hadn't been anything but supportive.
He drove his car into my front yard, drunk, in the rain, in the middle of the night and hucked chunks of the yard at my window until I came down to have him puke on me.
Drove him home, cleaned him up, took care of him until he slept...
walked home in nothing but a t shirt in the rain at 4 in the morning and didn't resent that. I still don't. I just did for him what needed to be done. I was there for the random 7 am phone calls and the long sessions of trying to get him to face the fact that his sister was dead and his mother needed him.
I don't resent any of that.
But when I do those things and you're still taking it for granted at an increasing rate every day.... I have to start to wonder.

I've just known too many people like that.

As I said in a letter to Chuck once upon a time... all the evil in my life has come from men... and it's true, more or less, even though I was joking.

Camera auctions go off today... who knows.. maybe I'll get them.
That would be nice.

I've got a $400 phone bill.

That's not so nice.
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