A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

my dad usually goes to bed about... 11 ish.
After sleeping in the chair down here in front of the tv from about an hour after he gets home from work... say ... 5-6 ish... and then until dinner... usually around 7 or 8... and then he falls back asleep until we wake him up 15 times to get him to go to bed.

My mom just woke him up for about the 10th time.

and said "go to bed"

and then realized we were both staring at him.

he knows better.
He doesn't get away with that shit anymore.

So, instead of going out to the kitchen for his 20 minutes of putzing and coffee setting up and so forth, he just stomped up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door.

my father's a five year old.

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