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"N.Y.C. Official: Thomas Jefferson was a 'Pedophile'

Newly elected New York City Council member Charles Barron has started off his term with a bang, decrying Founding Father Thomas Jefferson as a "pedophile" whose portrait should be removed from City Hall."

The former Black Panther called for Jefferson's image to be replaced with portraits of prominent African-Americans moments after his swearing in two weeks ago, in an inauguration speech that received little attention outside of New York City.

"We're bringing the 'hood to the hall," Barron announced after flashing the Black Power salute of the 1960s. "This is a new day. Sixty-five percent of New Yorkers are people of color. We should have a majority of the pictures on the wall."

The New York City council member's reference to Jefferson as a pedophile was an apparent allusion to the Declaration of Independence author's reputed affair with a slave girl, Sally Hemmings. Never mind that scholars concluded last year that there is no evidence of an affair.

Among those attending Barron's swearing-in ceremony was black militant Sonny Carson, according to the New York Post, which first reported Barron's remarks.

Carson is best remembered by most New Yorkers for his proclamation 10 years ago that he didn't just hate Jews, "I hate all white people."

Councilman Barron's portrait-purging declaration is hardly unique among the new wave of city officials. Last week Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz prompted a controversy when he said he wanted to remove a painting of George Washington from his personal office space.

While Markowitz, who is white, didn't repeat any Barron-like insults, he was at a loss to explain why he wanted to remove the Washington portrait in an interview Sunday.

"But why do you want to do it?" asked WABC's Steve Malzberg. "Because I want to," explained the Brooklyn Democrat, adding that he'd relocated the painting to "a more beautiful prominent place" in Borough Hall.

Markowitz said last week that he wanted to replace Washington's picture with others that would reflect the area's ethnic mix, but he told Malzberg he now intends to ask Brooklynites to "come up with your suggestions. How would you like me to decorate my office on my one wall that I have."

On Councilman Barron's description of Thomas Jefferson as a "pedophile," Markowitz said. "I don't agree with him one bit," adding, "I don't believe for one second that Thomas Jefferson will be removed from City Hall nor should it [the portrait] be."

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