A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I need to pick up some western union money and then write a check... and that horrible phone bill will be paid.
And then.. Maybe... just maybe... I'll get some modge podge...

And try to find something for chad for valentines.
Between my savings and checking I've enough to prevent dipping below $500
and that's really all I'm worried about because of their insane "if carrying under a $500 balance you'll be charged a $9.98 service fee every month" policy.
I would consider just closing it out, throwing it all into savings (which has no such fee) but then my check card (that I like quite a bit, thank you) would be useless except for atm withdrawals.

I've decided that I have a weird face. It changes on me. Sometimes my face seems to shrink and the slow curve of my eyebrows dominate the landscape.
And other times, it's my nose... round puggish nose that somehow stands out more than anything.
And right now.. it's my mouth.
Not becuase it looks particularly full, but because it doesn't seem to fit on the rest of my face... like it's someone else's mouth that was removed and transplanted.

I really need to set my monitor's background to something.
Having a highly reflective surface in front of me at all times is bad bad news.

sleeping on the floor isn't so bad. Once you get your pillow arangement right and remember that you can't hang a foot off the edge and that, at no point, will the surface act as anything other support.
forget comfort.
the floor doesn't *do* comfort.

and all those commercials that talk about mattresses being like... sleeping on pillows...
they must not sell a lot of those.
Pillows are *not* that comfortable to sleep on.

But really ... it worked out... took me forever to sleep.. but then I slept like a brick and I woke up pretty early too. This whole... uncomfortable sleeping thing might just fix my sleep schedule.

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