A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Been trying to get to the computer so I could write down this dream and my mom apparently didn't understand what I meant when I said "I need to keep the brain clear" and has begun reading to me, talking about TV shows, talking about all sorts of things...
and now I don't know if I even remember what lil I did upon waking up.

Somehow I was dressing up for a fun house...and my father wandered by to tell me I looked like I was going to burst the seems of this nearly see through tube top thing.
Then it wasn't really me anymore, but I was hitching a ride.
She talked to the old woman who sold them (ditzy sorority girls) weed and a few tabs of "acid" but somehow the girl figured out that it hadn't really been acid... had it? Bizarre light pours into a room, hits a mirror.. and in the odd beams that flash back and forth the girls find demon posession, sprout fangs, and start flying like the skeleton bats at the end of Blade.
Then the whole place is fucked up.
I'm hiding under a bed.
Something keeps trying to bite me.. I'm trying really hard not to look too lively because that will make me a bigger target... apparently I know all these things about these creatures.
I get my hand wedged in the biters maw and rip off its bottom jaw. Which draws the attention of the huge thing over me... which turns out to be a normal human dude who I know for some reason.
And there are lots of convoluted things to follow. And then I'm in some sort of holding facility.
Where I'm being trained with guns and so forth.
But I'm a prisoner.
So I start killing lots of people.
Same run over and over.
I get good and metering out my ammo so that I kill lots of people but still have plenty at the end when they take me back to my cell.
And then a bunch of shit I don't remember.
Then I'm on a for real run that has LOTS more people in it than all the previous and I come around the corner... it's my old neighborhood.. and there are small gaggles of young black men all down the street to about the point that's in front of my old home. (I think that this is just useful imagery for my brain to use as a backdrop because it knows it so damned well) And theres snoop.
In a pimp get out.
And a gun just like mine.
WHich now has no ammo. But ONE rocket left.
But I dunno what to do. And I try out a lot of running around and ducking and aiming .. but he's always got me covered. He's not mad at me. He isn't laughing either. He just wants me to know that by hesitating, I lost any edge I had.

And finally his grandma comes out... bitches me out... then takes me in for pie.

I shit you not, gaddamit.

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