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I invited someone over.
Haven't seen him in almost two years.
He borrowed massive money off me, and I was more than happy to give it because I was doin pretty well at the time. The deal was he was going to Mississippi to deal with some family stuff, he'd be down there for a couple months and then he'd be back.
He swore to me over and over and over that he would be back.

two years later.....

He just popped up online today.
Asking me if it's okay for him to come over. He's back, he's been through some bad shit. And even though it's empty handed, he really wants to see me.
Just got out of jail.
Accessory to .. well. I dunno if the guy died, so I dunno if its murder or just malicious wounding or what.
Drunk in a backseat and the driver is trying to have a thug life.
So, Frank got 6 months.

This guy has got the most insane luck I have ever seen. he's got NONE. NOTHING good ever happens to Frank. He's got some sort of chaos field around him, very negatively charged. If there is a cop within 6 miles, he will find Frank and pull him over for something.
He knows this about himself.
Now, knowing this about yourself, wouldn't you try to stay out of trouble?
At one point he was dealing crack, he's been a pretty constant weed dealer.. he's hustled, he's scammed.
He's never stolen anything and he's never been a pimp. But pretty much anything else goes. What I don't get is... he's really a sweet person. He's always been nothing but sweet to me. And If I asked him for *anything* I know he would provide.
I just ... I don't get why he can't catch a break or *let himself* catch a break.
I worry about him.
But worrying about Frank is a full time job these days...

So he's coming over.
And I just took half an hour to correct 6 months worth of cleaning neglect.
I didn't think dust could *get* that thick in a house someone actually lives in.
Frank was the one who used to provide me with the hydro his uncle used to sell before he got busted by the ATF.
Full on ATF, 3 am house raid. Dogs, swat black, rousting people out of bed, flashlights in faces... bad bad noise, man.
Then there was him breaking up a guy beating the crap out of his wife. He got a broken arm and a mangled hand out of that one. And then the car wreck and a 4 day coma and death death all around him.
These are the things I've *seen*.
I don't know about the crap that's gone on in the past two years.
I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling the need to hug him a lot.
I just want my friends to take care of themselves.

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