A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I feel a lil sick

These things just make me so sad.
So utterly sad.

I know if I want to cry or scream or... what...

I don't understand it at all... how you can walk around your whole life feeling and thinking this way...

The Nature of the Jew

The facts the government doesn't want you to know

Basic holocaust revisionism

I think it's interesting that they consider the laying out of the facts of the holocaust revisionism and it never occurs to them that this very new theory that it just never happened *isn't* revisionism.

Holy Soldiers in the Battle for the Beleagured white people.

My collegue Michael Cook and I were getting rather scared. This was the kind of scared feeling I had that I might not be returning home to my wife. I thought about my wife and the baby she will soon give birth too. I tried to remain as stoic as possible in the midst of this trap. By splitting ourselves off into ever smaller subgroups we set ourselves up for massacre by the Red Front and their Congoid pit bulls (niggers). There were some witnesses who believe that the police through their crowd "mismanagement" either intentionally or accidentally split our ranks into smaller groups, just ready for the Red Slaughter. This is a classic technique of warfare: Divide and Conquer. We heard the screeching of car wheels ahead and suddenly we saw a truck heading straight for us. And as I mentioned before, this alley wasn't much wider than one truck or car. People ran for cover. I ran into a fence ripping my shirt and scratching my torso against some metal. I was bleeding slightly from the shallow gash below my neck. This was trully a Baptism of Fire for me. I had reached a new milestone in my life: I had shed my first drop of blood for my noble White Race. Michael Cook touched this blood with his fingers as if it were holy. And indeed it was holy. Blood shed through the defense of one's race is the most holy of honors we can ever experience.

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