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I can't...

walk straight at all.
I am lurching along like johnny depp cum hunter S. as they are about to enter Cirus Circus in "the gruesome depths of an ether binge" .

Okay... maybe not that bad.

I haven't smoked since october.

I just had fullly half a blunt.

I am soooooooo small.
So absolutely toast.

I need someone to talk to.

the light from televisions from a nighttime window, covered with a thin, white, drape (specifically lacey) looks vaguely like the light scene from Close Encounters.

Never really liked Richard Dreyfuss.
Nope, not even in Jaws.
The man just bites it.
Suck suck suuuuuuuuuuuck.

she turned off the tv.
now she'll hear me here, giggling...

Did I mention that I am ***INCREDIBLY*** small?

I think Frank wants to hook up again.
which is a problem, him being a part time thug.
That hug was way too far away from platonic for that not to be the case.
The perfect guy to have no string sex with and he's a 20 year old thug.
I'll just stay horribly chaste and celibate and pity the man who finds me next.
Or congratulate him...

I stopped being interesting way before this.

I really damned need to talk.
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