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This is hilarious.
Read through some of the posts.

And then, for extra hilarity, go to some of their journals so you can see the inconsistencies in their militant feminism portrayed in this anti journal and how they actually feel and act.

yes, I'm a bitch.
But not one of the bitches of Bitch Magazine.
Not someone who's taking the title as a move toward making it stop hurting me.
I'm just a bitch.
And it doesn't hurt me to be called one.
And it shouldn't.
Because, unlike the feminist whiners in bitch magazine, I'm actually a bitch.
A rotten bitch.

(and I happen to think the shirts are funny and *I* would wear one)

Diana Russell... apparently we all us chicks owe her some huge measure of thanks for making all the bad men stop raping us... oh .. wait.... never heard of her? Me neither. I bet your average rapist hasn't either.

Research and books.. research and books.
It isn't about being an altruist folks, it's about pushing an agenda and getting rich in the process...

Get the quote..."Russell is one of the world's most prolific social scientists writing about violence against women."
not most accurate.. not best... not most inciteful.. not most effective...

she writes *a lot*...
That's all that means.

I'm really tired of the 'feminist' agenda. I'm really tired of the sweeping generalizations about womanhood and what that means and who is and is not just a carpet for men. I'm really tired of twisted and bitter women telling *me* what is and is not okay for *me* to feel and think.
No, the anti-porn journal doesn't really do that.
But it is seeking to shelter the world from something it finds personally distasteful.
And one girl posted pics of her lil photoshoot where she *burned* porn magazines....
How can you be a very very liberal, left wingish sort of chick (as all these girlies are .. oh.. excuse me... as these "womyn" are) and then actually BURN a magazine and display it proudly?
Farenheit 451 was a scary paranoid look at a future where people like that take over.

And I'm beginning to think that "1984" really *was* just a typo.

and I want this t shirt...

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