A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Well this was angsty and a prototypical example of living in an age when all the angsty white kids know all of Trent's Lyrics.

Apparently, everything is blue and spilling out of that guy's head too.

It's really difficult to tell if there is a bug in your grape nuts or if one of the nuts just got overly cooked. And the darker than usual nuts pop up rather frequently, so you can be rather frequently put to a test of faith that you don't have a weavil infestation in your kitchen.

according to the trainspotting test, I'm Spud.
Makes sense.
Most pathetic fucker in the movie.. though not the most pathetic one in the book.
I think the Swan takes that title.
Can't even get a hard up junkie who's feeling very sick to give him a hummer due to the rotting, peeling lil twanger he has.
Heroin users run out of veins.
They start using any that haven't collapsed yet. And after moving on to the veins in your penis, you're well on your way to infection time.

In its fresh state, smegma is a wholesome and functional lubricant. But, if allowed to accumulate in the foreskin cavity, it becomes changed into an unpleasant, unhealthy, and bad-smelling substance.

Don't circumcise your babies, mmkay?

And this is always good for a laugh.
When have you ever heard someone call marijuana "M.O." or "Machinery" , Manhattan silver" , "Airhead", "Bash"?

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