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Still very happy.
This will be interesting to read tomorrow.
1. When were you born: December 10, 1977
2. Where were you born: Portsmouth, Virginia
3. What was your first grade teacher's name: Mrs. Warner
4. What was your first pets name and what was it: Smokey, stray cat (there were 6 stray cats to follow. All of them named "smokey" )
5. What was your worst accident (medical): 8 year old kamikaze bike riding, broke hard in a gravel covered cul de sac, fell off, skidded about 10 feet on my knees and shins. 18 stitches in the left leg, 25 in the right, cracked right patella.
6. What was your favorite cartoon: He Man
7. Who was your first best friend: Toneshia Carter
8. When was the first time you ever went on a plane: when I was 18. conference in nebraska
9. Who was your first SO: Will Williams (can I mention that I was 17?)
10. What was your favorite song when you were in the 5th grade: Probably something by a hair band.
11. What was your favorite movie in the 2nd grade: Dark Crystal
12. What did you want to be when you grew up: Out and away from my home
13. What used to be your favorite color: black
14. What was your favorite subject: English
15. Did you ever wet your pants at school: nope
16. Did you ever get sent to the principal: at least once a week.
17. Did you ever start a food fight: nope
18. What was your worst fear: My father
19. What was your favorite toy: The waterways around my house
20. Did you ever suck your thumb: nope


21. What time is it: 12:46 pm, est
22. What's the date: May 2
23. What grade are you in: grade A!
24. Who is your best friend: none of my friends are 'best', they're all just friends.
25. What is your favorite movie: at this very moment... Fight Club
26. What is your favorite song: at this very moment... the one I'm listening to
27. Do you have any pets: yes a kitty
28. If so what are their names: Whisk
29. What is your favorite subject in school: literature
30. What color of hair do you have: orange, blonde, red, strawberry, and a lil black.. I think
31. What kind of music do you listen to: Absolutely everything
32. Do you still watch cartoons: of course
33. What is your favorite TV. show: The West Wing
34. Do you get online often: Yes, but I always get right back off... sorry
35. What's your worst fear: annhialation
36. What's your favorite color: black
37. What state do you live in: Virginia
38. Do you have a b/f g/f: nope. can only be a good thing.
39. What's your favorite type of food: Toss up. Tai, japanese, creole
40. Do you drive: what the DMV of Virginia doesn't know.....


41. What do you want to be when you grow up: Alive and well
42. Do you want to go to college: yep
43. Do you want to get married: not especially
44. If so at what age...if not why: I can't picture myself enjoying a relationship beyond a few months, you think marriage is an option?
45. Do you want to have kids: mmmmmmmmmaybe.. I dunno
46. What kind of car do u want: Volks Bus
47. At what age do you think you'll live to be: I think I'll die ancient. 85 or so?
48. Where do you want to live when you're 35: somewhere that isn't where I'm living now
49. What movie do you want to see next Saturday night: mmm .. maybe traffic.
50. What time do you think you will go to bed when you're 70 (if you plan to live that long): You mean I'd have to get out of bed?
51. Do you think you will have the same friends as you do now: not en masse.. but a few might stick
52. Do you think everyone will be jealous of you at your 10th high school reunion: I think they'll be amazed that I won't have more piercings.
53. Do you want to be president of the U.S.: Does a turkey *enjoy* thanksgiving?
54. Do you want to walk on the moon: nope
55. Do you want to be famous: not really
56. What kind of housing do you want to live in: something housey. near an ocean. far enough from that ocean to not have to deal with sand in the house and floodouts from hurricanes.
57. What color do you think your hair will be when you're 50: whatever damned color I want it to be.
58. Do you think you will still have the same personality when you're 60: no. It probably will have aged with me

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