A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

my mom bought champagne
She had a glass. I had the rest of the bottle.
alcohol exacerbates my bad mood.
and yet, I'm still drinking.
I think I might make coffee. Because, really... I don't see any other way I'm going to be feeling anything other than on the verge of tears. I feel selfish and annoying feeling this way. I've just had a bad week, really.
I got all happy when a UPS truck pulled up in the driveway.

it was just making a U turn.

then I got online and checked the tracking and saw it was still in Washington.

They damed well give him every bit of his money back. That way he can afford food this week.. and cigarettes. If they don't... I'm going to flip out on some UPS people.
Becuase I'm hair trigger angry today anyway.
And I've been looking forward to whatever it is in that box for a couple weeks now. Because he's been taunting me with possibilities... and he knows just what to say to torture me. And then with the additional shit with Sean...
I really wanted this day to be a good one.
In *some* way...

He's just so sweet to me. And outside forces fuck with his plans so much.
ah well.

my mom is taping The Vagina Monologues...
wholesome V-day fun.

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