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I want my A-TAR-EEE

Tim and Mike bought an Atari.
The original with the woodgrain plastic and the lil toggle switches and the controllers and paddles and everything... they found a bunch of game cartidges for it too.

They played it all night last night.
Didn't invite me.
Didn't tell me.
I AM RAGING with jealousy.

They gave me an atari game thing for your PC... with asteroids, centipede, missle command, pong, super breakout, and tempest.
THREE of those were originally played with paddles.
There's no *point* in playing them without those lil knobby things.
Doing it with the page and down keys is just so damned bootie.

I have no money... but I'm lookin at ebay...

it's the only 'gaming system' I ever had. and it was a big damned deal when we got it because we were poor lil chillins.

::::sigh:::: oh for the halcyon days of berzerker...

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