A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I used to be a drinker. I drank a *lot*... a LOT...
When I was in high school I got dragged with a friend to her Church's (catholic) "sleep over" thing for their youth group. Several of my friends went to this church and I guess it was interesting. We stayed up all night, had some weird chat with the priest and basically hung out and ate pizza.
I brought along with me a big ol thermos that contained a random concoction of rum, vodka, tequila, and gold rum, which I mixed with Pepsi clear. (remember clear pepsi?)
And then later just drank straight because no one questioned the clear liquid in my cup with all the pepsi clear floating around.
I never really felt *drunk*...

The last time I drank way too much was in Texas and I painted the bathroom door of a very popular club with my puke while a bartender comforted me, a drag queen helped me to the car, Chuck gave me his shirt and made me stay awake in the car and long enough once we got to his house to drink (and keep down) a glass of water.

But really... my drinking trailed off greatly after Jason.
I'll occasionally have some wine or a few Cherry Vodka sours. I just don't enjoy it much, it tends to make me morose, and I'd much rather smoke up.

Not that I've been doing that either.

Drug of choice... speedies. Speedies make me happy.
Okay... but.. my point here...

I've had a couple Rick's Hooch stuff. It's suprisingly okay. I don't like beer, didn't want to bother with the mixing of drinks (and the only vodka I can find is my 100proof and I don't really want to knock myself out), and I thought this might be a good loosen me up agent.
And it was.

Now I just want to sleep. Bleh.

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