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I want to be a Trendy Fuck - a poem by deep_thinking

I want to be a trendy fuck
I want to be a trendy fuck,
I want care about what I wear,
I want to act fake on a date so people get to know the real me,
I want to have friends I know are there for what really counts, my sense of style,
I want to be the in crowd, To have clothes made by those nice little asian kids,
To have hair that defies gravity,
To have people like me because of how I look and act,
To have people there for me whenever I'm cool,
To have nothing to worry about outside my popularity,
To have none of those life complicating morals,
To stand up for what is hip,
To stand fellow trendy fucks,
To stand against unfortunately losers,
To stand for what is cute,
To stand for nothing at all,
I want an equally shallow date,
I want no life outside the pop life,
I want to scorn those who work for minimum wage,
I want to laugh at those who make serve me for a living,
I want to be a trendy fuck.

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