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So... I was in the tub.
I realized I needed to blow my nose (I've caught a cold from the germs someone else went out and got, considering I haven't really been out of the house much this week) and leaned over to grab a tissue and heard this clinking noise.
I blew my nose. Reached over to throw it in the trash... And I again.. this clinking noise.
I looked all over the place for whatever the hell it was that was smacking the tub or falling or flapping in place. I thought it was maybe my ring, but I hadn't put my hand on the tub. My foot and knee don't make that kind of noise (contrary to popular belief I don't actually have any prosthetic metal bits) and I suspected it was the metal shower curtain rings.... but unless there was a phantom breeze... those shouldn't have been moving.
So I repeated the leaning over motion a few times....
I didn't think it would be possible to *forget* that I have hunks of metal shoved through my nipples... but apparently I can.
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