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Feb. 22nd, 2002

I know I just said it.. but I need to say it again.. Wes is a fuckhead.

That long nasty thing I wrote about him in the way back.. I felt a measure of badness about that after awhile. I should have just kept it all to myself. Kept my opinions to myself... but he was fucking over my sweetheart.
And he's such a transparent asshole that to just... see it.. and not say anything... to just put up with it and pretend there isn't an elephant in the room while he uses everyone around him systematically...
I don't understand that.
Sure, it cuts down on conflict.
But it also ensures that he's just going to keep doing it.

Of course, I think he's probably more virus than human. He doesn't know how *not* to do it.

I'm not judging anyone who chooses to play Switzerland. It's completely understandible. I've been known to do it myself.
The thing is, *I* don't have any reason to. He's not my friend, he never has been, and the little bit of time I *did* talk to him was filled with nothing but lies. "Oh yeah, I used to do suspensions all the time" (if you don't know what I mean... it's when they put hooks through your skin, usually your back, and you hang from it) .. and all the places he's claimed to live.
Just little things. Pointless little lies. So many of them that he isn't the same person for *anyone* who encounters him. There is no common data. No one knows the full truth about him.
And sure, that makes him all mysterious. He banks on that. How the hell else does he get to many girlfriends (girlfriends that he tends to cheat on), and casual lays?
It's not as if he bathes, works, or does anything but leech off everyone around him.
Places to live, money, weed, booze, sex... these are all just things he thinks he's entitled to that he thinks everyone around him should provide.

Why is all this coming up again?
Because it's come to my attention that he decided (after he got someone pregnant... no.. she's not blameless... but he's a manipulative liar and she wanted to believe him.... so I blame him more) that he wanted to be a daddy.
And it's a boy.
So he's going to be raising the new generation of irresponsible shithead.
*If* he sticks around long enough.

Just makes me a lil sick.
Of all the people we revile in the world and all the ones we put on pedastals... why the hell do we so often get it backwards?


Feb. 26th, 2002 09:08 am (UTC)
Well, I knew about him asking around and trying to get Chad (smeck/azmatiq) to believe his stories about why he was delinquent... why Zee Mommy hadn't seen him in awhile.

The only way Wes could possibly hurt the kid is through lack of monetary support. There are just too many people who won't let him hurt/screw over/mindfuck that kid.

And if the right steps are taken, it can be made sure that he's more than obligated to pay support.

I was ready for some chop chop chopping last *year*...


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