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I am a monkey lover

Got a short call from chad today which was great. Getting offered "albino monkey sex" by Josh was... hmm... it was *unique*.
And apparently, he loves me too. And thinks that I would like Wenatchee. Chad wasn't too upbeat about the interview, but has plans already going for the next phase of Operation: Get Employed.
He kicks ass.
I know he wouldn't have even bothered with the Wenatchee gig if he didn't want me out there ASAP. But he did, because he does.

Everywhere I look in this cleaning fiasco there is more crap and junk.
Baby steps... baby steps...

Tonight I got frustrated at the 30 lbs of pasta. Everywhere I looked... THERE WAS MORE. I organized and re-containered and sorted all of it and it's now neat and accesible and tidy. And I've informed the family that if they don't at least make an effort to keep up on the clean and neatness I'm giving them that I will never clean another thing in their house.
The cat puke can sit there, the dishes can mold...
I'm not touching it.

I'm actually *tired*... it's almost 2 and I'm tired... That hasn't happened since I was getting up at 7am for work and a lot of the time it didn't even happen then.

This would be the perfect night for a bowl and a cuddle.
But I have no green and I have no chad... so I guess I'll just plain old going to bed.

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