A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I now have an omlete.
Cheddar, green onions, tomato.
lovely omlet.

I've been wanting one for weeks. Really. I just never feel like actually making one for myself. And this morning I did.
Well... this brunch/lunch hour I did.

I didn't sleep until between 6 or 7 am...
I woke up at 11.
My sister has just been her usual self centered cunt since I woke up.

I dunno what it is. Lately... she makes me want to cause physical harm. Maybe after not talking for years and then talking quite a bit, we've settled into how sisters normally act toward each other...
With low grade hostility.

I also made some cranberry muffins with orange peel in them this morning.
I'm just so freaking domestic, ya know?

I really do dispair of ever getting the house organized... But that strange clausterphobic feeling I get when the anxiety levels are high is almost constant now as I walk through the house. There isn't a space with enough space for me to feel comfortable in.
It's like everything in the world was shrunk by two feet and I was somehow left uninformed of the change.
Sam from North Carolina popped his head in looking for my father and informed me that I look "like I somethin I drug out from under mah porch. But yer still kinda cute."
He's got the *best* mixed compliments. :::nods::

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