A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Going through the procedures to get rid off all this spam I've started getting (emode.com thanks you for taking this lil test... by bombarding you with spam from all the people we sell your email to...) and there were 5.. count em... *5* different pop ups while trying to submit the unsub.

I guess they decided that since you were trying to get away, they might as well go for broke.
I used to use my disinfo mail for anything that said it needed my email address. That way, if it was something that was a lil more legit and just needed an address to send to, I actually got what I was needing. But more often than not, even those would created about 15 new spam senders.
But, disinfo turned into a pay service... so that was the end of that.
I think insanity might just do the same at one point. Everyone.net is a good client and all, but the fact that they've now begun spamming their users (with a big thing at the top that says "THIS ISN'T SPAM!" ) asking them to sign up for the premium service (larger storage, no ads) for $20.00 I don't see why pay only is far away.
The only reason Hotmail is free is because they gather the names of the people who send *to* a hotmail account and sell those off.

That's why I'm with insanity when they say "fuck that hotmail shit"
At least mymail service isn't obsessed with spam. Give me all the pop ups you want.. just no spam in my inbox.
And none of those spawning pop ups.

though those are usually reserved for porn.
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