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Things I want, long term and short.. (no deliniation... you figure it out)

a drum machine.
another cup of coffee
a back rub
a house with a dark room
a file server
a T-1
more books
enough book cases to actually hold all the books I already have.
the head of john the baptist.
this song to be 20 minutes long.
more reggae
the guy from Converge to SLOW DOWN AND ENUNCIATE... you write a beautiful song, then I can't understand a damned word of it with all that *screaming*

sort of lost my list form there, huh?
I'm a wanting wanting person. But nothing is so extreme that I can't deal.
I want to be in Washington. I don't care where in Washington as long as it's in the same place as Chad. And then when that is achieved I want the world to be nice to him for a couple weeks at least until I can contruct a good protective bubble sort of thing all around so the shit storms will bounce (splat?) off.

and then I want some green.

Simple things really.
Everything else is negotiable.

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