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Mar. 1st, 2002

So I'm groggy.
Very very groggy.
I can't seem to wake up. I was up much later than I have been thre rest of the week (which has actualy begun to get earlier and earlier. I am age regressing) last night but got up at the now "normal" time.
I really need to go out and get some things done. Exchange something, but something.
I wrote a check for the phone bill.
I didn't *want* to.

"I lost my toes while hiding from you. So it's your fault"

"Eighteen of the energy industry's top 25 financial contributors to the Republican Party advised Vice President Dick Cheney's national energy task force last year, according to interviews and election records."

"A "shadow government" consisting of 75 or more senior officials has been living and working secretly outside Washington since Sept. 11 in case the nation's capital is crippled by terrorist attack, government officials said Friday".

I'm frightened.
Okay. I'm really just frightened by the second two.. the first one is goofy. "I'm an acknowledged sex offender who was hiding from the cops. But, darn it, they made me hurt my toes!"

APPARENTLY the conversation I was having with chad was indeed being tapped. (yet again, huh? They need to cut that crap out).
He said "yeah, wouldn't it be cool if you could look around and get like.. readouts on everything you want to know?
He meant on people...
This is on streets and structures.

(I feel dirty... I went to the popular science site... )


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Mar. 1st, 2002 03:11 pm (UTC)
If he'd lost OTHER bits, he could be declared "rehabilitated" already.

I can't imagine anybody having much practical use for recordings of you and Chad going "Oh I wuv YOUUUU" at each other. Amusement value, yes, but ONE tape would suffice for that.

Bleah! You sent me to the Popular Science site! I need a bath now.
Mar. 1st, 2002 03:14 pm (UTC)
I know it amuses me *endlessly*...

and sometimes we take a break from all the I love you talk and discuss geek stuff.

popular science is just *wrong*
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