A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

in this fucked up dream....

I was constructing videos of people who were legless and used odd contraptions of their own devising for getting around.
And then, becuase there were so few people in the store (don't ask me) and so many Customers (they were actually like.. a different race.. a different species) I ended up being a cashier for a bit. The other chick asked if it was alright if she rang something up and then went and got something else for this customer who was still three people back in her line.
I said. That it wasn't okay. That you could be nice, ask the others to 'hold her place' for her so that SHE could run back and get it, but we don't run a full service grocery and that the other 15 people (I counted) in her line would be pissed.
The woman was pissed, but I was feeling very no nonsense. Then a woman in my line wanted something that was back in the store, had a UPC from a similar, but wrong item and wanted it rung up and then wanted someone to take it to her house for you.
I went into the back to get the person with the computer to look up the damned upc, find the upc of the item she wanted, so I could ring it up and get her out of there.
We found that *all* of the codes contained the string 0371 which we knew was an unuseable string and only put on mock ups of UPCs.
Our computers would never accept it.. but there it was.
I wrote down most of them, went back out, tried it again, it didn't work.
There was another terminal forever of that mess... trying to manipulate the numbers to work correctly... the Customers around this woman getting more and more irate, so I walked into the other room
and it was a compete scene change. My house, walking into the living room, a strange man scrambling to get out of the door.
I pin him to the door with the stool that's sitting nearby, realize he was trying to steal mail (maybe he thought there was money in it?) so I use the legs of the stool to fling him into the room, I lock the door and I call for my Dad (who I can see in the other room, just puttering around. He comes in 'says well, what have we here?' and kisses the guy full on the mouth with a lingering, tongue probing kiss.
I ask him what the HELL that was about and realize from his smirk that that was his idea of fun.
Either he was going to torture the old guy with come ons and beatings or that was just his way he said hello now .

I'm a very happy camper that my alarm went off.

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