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Tunafish PumpkinPie?

I cleaned a whole 5' space today.
And it's taken until now.
But, I took my time because Chad insisted that I freaking rest to day after jacking up my hands and my shoulders and so forth.
I slept really well last night (flexerall is my friend, ya know,) and woke up earlier than usual, but still it took forever for the drug effect to leave me. It's just been in the last couple hours that I've finally begun to feel awake.
Heh, looking around, reading the freak show... craziness.
AAAAAAAnd these dried sweetened cranberries are just *excellent*.. excellent I tell you. The orange essenced ones are great. I'm going to make muffins with them.
With the others, I'll be making oatmeal, white chocolate, and cranberry cookies.

After having cleaned the kitchen I want to cook all the time, bake all the time. I want to make sugar cookies in excellent shapes and kiffles and I want cookie jars all over the place. I want to cook complicated meals with pre-measured ingredients in tiny bowls so I can feel like a TV cook.. (you catching all this, Chad?)
I want good kitchen towels and an array of wines and oils arranged for easy access with spouts screwed in.

I want a butcher block.

This is the *exact* opposite of the feeling "Jack" has in fightclub when he destroys Angel's face.
That whole.. "I wanted to put a bullet in the head of every panda that wouldn't fuck to continue its species... I wanted to breathe smoke." thing.
That whole "I wanted to destroy something beautiful" thing.
I want the exact *oppsite* of that.
That's how I feel.

Dig it.

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