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sharin it

Okay .. this if from a mailing list I'm on and know a hell of a lot of people from.
One of these people kinda sucks,
the other rather rocks and does so consistently (he's also not human, I believe)

: ..you're not absolutely and completely FUCKED until you're lying face-down and
: handcuffed in the hallway with an 80-pound Alsation grinning like googledy-fuck
: at the back of your Schedule 1 head.

Not quite as fucked as when you're dressed in a Snoopy mask, chained to a
radiator, staring through your drugged stupor at a pile of your own entrails
lying in the middle of the floor, while gibbering monkeys fingerpaint the
walls with your blood.

But, yeah, the drug bust scenario is bad, too.


yeshyesh... Mark rocks.

Ever have one of those days where you find yourself masturbating like a monkey for no particular reason?
I haven't had sex since march and I haven't been good and kissed since then either. And well, it was incredible sex. The best thus far. He was an incredible lover.... too bad he was an emotional retard.
So now, the afterglow long gone, the ability of the memories to make my skin tingle fading, I'm getting the urge to just go out and get laid.
I've done the one night stand thing twice, ever, and both times the men ended up being sexually inept.
One of them even proclaimed with pride "I beat you!"
So I don't know if I want to go out and try my hand at that again.

I think I'll just keep on trying my own hand.
My own hand is *excellent*
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