A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

whiplash posted an article (from where, I dunno) in debate with a critique of some of the topics on this website. Mainly the pro-molestation movement (at least that's how it was characterized in the article).
What it really is is pro-pederasty.
You know.. the same message as NAMBLA... except they're wrapping it in the ideals of personal and sexual freedom and expression.

Sure... the ancient greeks, romans did it.
Sure. They thought it was just fine.. natural for a straight man to have a wife, a mistress and a prepubescent boy lover. Just experiences the whole spectrum.
And yes, they were a great society.

But they also had laws saying it was illegal to pee while wearing a ring with the emporers face on it. And they pissed in the streets in urns that tanners poured off of for their use in tanning leathers.

Not all ideas of a great civilization are great.

I think what's worse about this is that these organizations confuse and mislead a lot of straight society into thinking that *all* gay men feel this way. They're such a tiny slice of the pie. But, of course, the more abherrant the situation, the more we tend to focus on it.. right?

A grown man "loving" a 12 year old is *not* alright.
It's just not. I don't need logic or reason to tell me so.
It just isn't okay.

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