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scattered thoughts

I weeded the garden for about an hour today.
I'm sunburnt.
I was feeling peppy and busy most of the day so I didn't think about food. I *just* ate for the first time today. No wonder I was getting so edgy and starting to feel out of it.
Apparently "I'm going to cook dinner" translates into "I want everyone to stand in the middle of the kitchen while I manouver around you and attempt to cook a meal you guys asked for. Oh, and critique my technique. I love that."
I watched part of a thing about hysteria over supposed satanic cults in Gilmer Texas. Very interesting.
Chad created this banner:

for the sole purpose of giving it to a guy who had an icon snatched from the movie Hackers.
He's delightfully evil like that.
It was pretty wonderful getting to play in the dirt today. Tomorrow I think I'll attack another leg of the cleaning project. If I can just.. come up with a storage scheme it will all work out.
I'm finding that I kind of enjoy Moby. But I still prefer Aphex Twin.

I bore me sometimes.

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