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I really really want a cigarette, my eyes are all blurry, I've been up for about hours but I still feel like I haven't slept at all. Just got a page from Questions (as he shall henceforth be called. Or at least until I come up with another name for him) saying that he wants to talk to me this evening gets home from the family gathering.
And I guess I will. ::shrug::
Not a lot of telling how I'll feel then.
For right now, I want to crawl into a hole and cry and cry and cry.
Trying to be strong for strangers isn't really my idea of a great day, but Robert seemed rather delighted in what I had to say and how I said it. He smiled a lot. He asked a lot of questions. He seemed pleased with my answers.
He liked the chocolate eggs I brought him. He didn't eat all five of them, of course... but he claimed to be touched by the gesture, and I have no reason to disbelieve him.
There was a woman at his hotel room. I dunno if she's someone he's picked up here or someone he's brought with him. He didn't explain, and I didn't ask.
All of the stuff in the attic of the place was in the same spots. Insanity.
I need to stay up tonight. I need to sleep normally for a bit.
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