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If ever there was a movie created to be the MOST depressing movie ever... well... okay .. the most depressing american movie ever (german *comedies* are kind of morose) it would be a toss up, I think, between Deep Impact and What Dreams May Come.

I'm sure I could think of some others if I really put my mind to it.
But I remember feeling like crap after seeing What Dreams May Come. It was just... horrid. Horrid horrid horrid. Not even ENTERTAINING horrid.
It was just depressive, bleak, and uninteresting.
*bad* combination.

Deep Impact I just saw for the first time.
Basically... if you live east of the ohio or tenesee river valley, don't watch this movie.
They actually NAME MY CITY ON A SIGN in the way of the incoming path of water.
And we're not that famous of a damned city. Yes, I realize they showed scenes of new york being destroyed... but it's new york.
EVERY disaster movie shows it being destroyed.
Well, except for the volcano movies we had.

I don't usually watch disaster movies. I watched this one because I knew Chad liked it. And I made a lil list of movies awhile back that Chad liked and I hadn't seen.

I'm going to have to rewind it, I think... to see where the hell the two kids lived. WHERE were they that they could get up a mountain and be safe *that* fast?
I don't buy it.

So,... I think I'll have some coffee now. ::nods::

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